Update API, Tip URL and More!

There is a lot going on behind the scenes at FreeSVGClipart and depending on how busy I am at work it can take time for things to get moved over from testing to production but I was able to take some time yesterday and upload some new additions to the site.

First up is the release of the PUT/PATCH Update API. The Update API has actually been live on the site for a few weeks but was limited to only a few people, now it is available to anyone that has an account. You can use the update API to update your own clipart items either on the site or remotely if you feel so inclined to create your own. The Update API is how the site allows you to edit on the front end of the site. You can see an example of how it works in the video I took below.

The Tip URL is the next feature that went live yesterday. This little feature adds the ability for clipart contributors to add a link to a website for a tip. Using a link to Buy Me a Coffee or a PayPal.me link are probably the most likely use for this. Anyone that has contributed previously using Openclipart and has had their Openclipart files and their FreeSVGClipart account linked can also benefit, so this is not just for new contributors but anyone that has helped grow Openclipart through the years. You offered your art for free we just want to give people a way to say thanks to you for your work. To add your tip url simply sign up and add your tip url. Your new contributions will automatically include the link. For previous Openclipart contributors you will need to contact us after making your account so we can link your FreeSVGClipart account and the clipart items to your account.

And more updates coming, but this one takes longer. New PNG previews are coming for all clipart. For many of the clipart SVG files there are no problems creating a high quality PNG preview and download, but there are many that we had to bump the quality down to not overwhelm the server. Slowly but surely those new files are being uploaded and the PNG previews are being replaced with higher quality versions. Given the large number of files it simply takes a long time to process them and upload them.

I also wanted to mention that we have had some generous donors this month and hosting plus a little more has been covered for January! Thank you very much for your financial contributions to help pay for the costs of running this site. If you are interested in how much it costs to run this site you can read more on donate page. To see the actual donations visit our Buy Me a Coffee page, where it shows who and how many coffees were sent. Please note that we increased the price of a coffee, as was suggested from $3.00 to $5.00 so if you are doing some quick math that is why there is a difference in the coffees bought and the amount listed on the donate page.

That is all for now, there is more to come soon but I need to finish off a large project at work and then I will have more time to sort out the last pieces of the POST API. If anyone has any comments, ideas or suggestions feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. Always great to hear more ideas.

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