Upload API


The upload api allows you to upload new clipart contributions to FreeSVGClipart. A valid SVG file, title, descriptions and tags are all required along with a valid API key. All uploads are placed in temporary location to wait approval to verify the upload worked properly. Use of the upload api means you agree to release the uploaded image under the CC0 License (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).


POST /wp-json/clipart/api/


API key is available for all registered users of the site.
Required: true
Send in header of request.

Please Login or Register to get your API Key.

The SVG file you are uploading. This is a file multipart upload.
Required: true
A title for the clipart item. JSON.
Required: true
A description for the clipart item.
Required: true
The terms assigned to the clipart item. These terms will replace all existing terms so if you want to append new terms include all the terms you want to add.
Required: true


If your upload has been successful only “Accepted” will be returned along with a 202 response code. If there is an error a 400 error code will be returned.