Updates to Contributors, Descriptions, Tags, Dates and Titles

I had a busy week at work this last week and was not able to spend as much time on FreeSVGClipart as I had hoped, but I was able to find a few hours in the week to pour over some data from Openclipart that I had from previous projects that I have worked on using their API. I have to admit I am a bit of a data pack rat and in this case I think it paid off. After combing through multiple projects and combining the saved data I had this very large spreadsheet that contained just over 100,000 rows, many of them complete with title, description, tags, correct dates, and contributors. After merging and removing the duplicate entries that spreadsheet shrunk to just over 70,000 rows. Merging this data with the already existing data the number of clipart items that are untagged has shrunk to just over 56,000. The number of untitled clipart items is just over 21,300 and there were correct publish dates for all 70,000 items in the spreadsheet. The other great bonus of this data is it contained the contributor name for many of the items. So many in fact that we now have 56% of the Openclipart collection marked by the original contributor.

I believe that is the end of the original data that I will be able to find for the clipart items. Unless by some miracle Openclipart decides to release the data or someone has a stash of data, which might happen I suppose, the rest of the Openclipart library will need to be done by hand, including titles, descriptions and tags for the remaining items. The good news is this latest update has provided a great deal of contributor data, so if you were one of the contributors to Openclipart you can sign up here and once again be able to edit the data about your clipart items. New uploaded items will then also be linked to your account and all be available to you in one place. I have already had some previous Openclipart contributors sign up and have connected their previous contributions to their new account here.

You can check out the contributor statistics here if you like. If you were a contributor and would like to have access to your files again simply register then drop us a note letting us know your original Openclipart contributor name and we will connect the clipart items to your user name here. If there are other clipart items that you know were your contributions we can connect those to your account also, just need the URL of the items.

Before I forget the CSV Export of the clipart data was uploaded today so all the new data should be available if you want it.

0 thoughts on “Updates to Contributors, Descriptions, Tags, Dates and Titles

  • Thank you so much, Lee, for making the artwork and data available to everyone.

    I was also relying on the Openclipart API for a small business I run before it suddenly and inexplicably disappeared. I really appreciate what you’ve been able to do in such a short space of time!

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