Openclipart SVG Restoration Update

The Openclipart SVG collection completed processing last night, after six straight days of running. To be clear what I mean by processing. I already had all the files, but I was processing them to make sure the files were valid SVG files, had no errors and then I minified them for use on the website. That means that the SVG files you can download here are not the original files. They have been minified to save on space. All the original files, including whatever metadata they contain, are available on Google Drive. Note: This data has been removed to save on space and $$$.

Here are the stats on the files for those that might want to know.

Good Files

Original Files: 157,692

Size: 82.5GB

49,856 had meta data of some kind. Title, Description, Author, Date, or Tags. Some had all metadata attributes, some had only one of those attributes.

107,836 had no metadata in the SVG file. However it is probably possible to create a title from the filename from 87,230 of those files.

That is a total of 137,086 files that are probably to recover fairly accurate titles for.

Bad Files

Bad Files: 718

Size: 6.03GB

These files failed for any number of reasons. Some failed XML checks, some files were just bad. They might still be recoverable but I will not look at them again for awhile.

Website SVG Files

Files: 157,692

Size: 80.1GB

By minifying the SVG files the website is able to save some space on storing and hosting the SVG files. Minification was done using SVG Sanitizer, a fantastic project BTW. By running the files through SVG Sanitizer is also how many of the bad files were identified and now moved to lower priority.

While 2.4GB of space saving might not seem like a great deal every little bit helps.

Now that all the files are done processing I will be continuing to add them to the site so they can be searched using the Search API. I also have been testing a POSTing API to add new files to the site, but it is still in the early stages and not ready for the live site yet.